Car share

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Car share

Australia is a big country that can be expensive to get around in. If you are traveling with your friends, the cheapest way to get around the country is to often buy a car or camper-van and split the costs of gas. You can also hitch a ride with travelers using sites like Gumtree, Jayride, or a hostel message board.

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Do you have a job availible?

With every year over 210.000 working holiday visas issued each year there is a wealth of talent waiting to be tapped into you’re company. Working holiday makers can work for a single employer up to 6 months and come from a different variety of skill sets and industry sectors all over the world.

Whether you are a recruitment agent, Blue Chip Company or just looking for an extra pair of hands to do that one jobs. Farmwork23 lets you advertise jobs suitable for backpackers and fill your vacancies for free.

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