Winery and agricultural technician work

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Winery and agricultural technician work

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Winery and agricultural technician work

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Winery and agricultural technician mornington peninsula

we need a motivated multi-skilledreliable individual with a good attitude to tackle most jobs on a vineyard /farm. the individual we seek must bephysically capable, must enjoy working outdoors and should be willing to make along-term commitment. the person canexpect to do the following jobs around the farm:

vineyard pruning; grafting wrap-down;
shoot thinning
vineyard spraying;
should be competent at driving / handling a tractor and itsattachments;
must be able to operate a fork-lift;
know how to rack wine in the winery and clean wine barrels andtanks;
perform other maintenance jobs around the vineyard such as treelopping, bush trimming, fencing etc
know how to operate chain-saw and other farm tools;

a minimum of three years hands-on experienceof working on a vineyard and in a winery is needed. ability to handle atvs and assist in cattlemustering will be an advantage.
above all, the person should show a willingnessto take instructions, learn and tackle a range of jobs around the vineyard andwinery; must be capable of working withoutsupervision and be impeccably honest.
all job applications mustbe (a) in writing ;(b) clearly marked on envelope or on email subject line as“application for agricultural technician” and (c) sent via email to: mus******@******com + click to reveal  or by post to ron musgrove c/o 266 meakins road,flinders 3929.

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