Farms Work Wodonga

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Farms Work Wodonga

Victoria – Wodonga – Farm Work Australia

  • Categorie:
  • Farm Work
  • State:
  • Victoria
  • City
  • Wodonga
  • Location:
  • 557.7 km from Sydney
    307.4 km from Melbourne
    351.7 km from Canberra
    152.9 km from Wagga Wagga
  • Zipcode:
  • 3690
  • 31,605
  • Harvest Jobs unknown in Wodonga

Farms Work Wodonga

Wodonga is a small city on the Victorian side of the border with New South Wales, 300 kilometres north-east of Melbourne, Australia. Adjacent to Wodonga across the border is the New South Wales city of Albury. Wodonga is located wholly within the boundaries of the City of Wodonga LGA. Its population is approximately 31,000 people, and with Albury forms an urban area with approximately 80,000 people.

Harvest Work Season

There on this moment no harvest work season active arround Wodonga.

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