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Farm work resume

Elliot BRETON Looking for the farm job Working holliday visa My objectifs : After several month of work in the farm job, I would like continu in this sector where I could use my experience in manual work and my ability to work hard. My competencies : Hard worker, flexible and resilient • Used to carry heavy loads and work in a standing position • Ability to work independently or in a team environment. My experiences : Picking beans, only one week, ABC farm, Bowen, Queensland Picking squash, two weeks, TNT farm, Bowen Queensland Picking eggplant, one month and one week, TNT farm, Bowen Queensland Picking tomato, only one day, Korelha farm, Bowen, Queensland Bucket boy, one month and half, Sam Romeo contracting, Bowen, Queensland My education : Baker, pastry cook and cook CAP (Certificate of Professional Competence) My languages : French mother tongue English good

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