seeking farmwork

Resume – New South Wales – Sydney

seeking farmwork

In general, I am a very driven person and also very positive in life. Always I am looking for challenges and I therefore take my work very seriously . I’m always striving to get the best results possible every working day. The choice of coming to Australia depended on the fact that Australia to me seemed like the perfect environment for some of the challenges I still want to accomplish in life. I have been employed, without gaps, for five years, yet I found the Netherlands not challenging enough. Hence I have decided to move to Australia. The reason to have chosen Australia is because of my expertise in transport. The country is vast and so a great potential for my eagerness to develop personally. Besides having a license to operate truck with trailer, I have also obtained the certificate of transport for dangerous substances in order to perform my activities as a fuel operator at KLM Dutch airlines. Finally, my hobbies are playing football, fishing, and socializing. I am a very loyal person, and I do not take half measures. Once employed, I give all I got.

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