Alan Comfort

Resume – Western Australia – Carnarvon

Alan Comfort

Hello, my name is Alan and I am a canadian citizen on a 417 visa valid through may 2020. I am from a farm background and looking to continue learning about the Australian farm industry.So far in Australia, I have worked on a 1000 cow rotary dairy farm and 10,000 hectare cropping farm. Please see my resume below; Education Honours Business Administration Degree (BBA) and a minor in Economics from Wilfred Laurier University Key Skills & Abilities • Verbal and Written Communication • Tractor Operation • Proficiency with Microsoft Office • Customer Service • Leadership & Teamwork • Attention to detail • Work Ethic • Knowledge of the Agricultural Industry • Animal Care • Adaptability & ability to meet deadlines Work Experience Tractor Operator/ Seeder Driver | Welke Brothers, Esperance, WA | March 2019 - June 2019 • Duties include sewing around 7500 hectares of Wheat, Barley and Oats, spreading fertilizer, Dam scooping, fencing, feeding sheep, skid steer/fork lift operation, and various loader tasks. Key Skills obtained include work ethic, John Deere navigation system, punctuality , joystick control tractor operation, understanding of soil patterns and planter setup based on conditions and working individually. Relief Milker/Farm Hand | Leathorn Dairies, Newry, Vicoria | 2018-2019 • Duties include milking a 1000 cow herd in rotary barn, animal treatment and dry off, cattle herding, paddock setup and take down, spreading fertilizer, seeding and various roles in hay harvesting. • Key Skills obtained include verbal communication, punctuality , work ethic, joystick control tractor operation, understanding of irrigation systems and herd management skills. Various Guest Services Supervisory and Accountant Roles | Canada | 2013 - 2018 • Duties included leading and managing employees, handling tough situations, liaison to upper management, preparation of invoices, updating selling systems and consolidating revenues. • Key Skills obtained include Microsoft Office proficiency, leadership, customer relations, decision making, working in a fast paced environment, communication and financial management. Managing partner of Family's Comfort Farms Ltd | 1998 - 2018 • Duties included milking, animal management, heavy machinery operation (combine, front-end loader, seed drills, hay equipment, bulldozer and variety of tractors and cultivation implements), planting and harvesting, crop management, facility maintenance, cattle promotion and commodity sales. • Key skills obtained include time management, work ethic, adaptability, decision making, teamwork, ability to work under pressure and establishing & maintaining business contacts.

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