Romina Scocca

Resume – Victoria – Melbourne

  • State:
  • Victoria
  • City
  • Melbourne
  • Romina Scocca
  • Phone:
  • 0487969322
  • Email:

Romina Scocca

My name is Romina Scocca. I arrived in Australia in March 2019 all the way from Argentina, with my working holiday visa. I have been living and working in Melbourne since then (in housekeeping and as food & beverage attendant at a hotel). I am currently looking for a farm in order to do my farm work so I can extend my visa for one more year. I am available to travel at any time from Melbourne. I am a hard worker and I do not mind waking up early or working too many hours per day. I am eager to start working in a farm. Thanks in advance, Romina Scocca

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