Smart and Hard Worker

Resume – Western Australia – Perth

Smart and Hard Worker

My Name is Max and I've started my Work and Holiday a few days ago here in Perth and want to earn some money with honest and hard work to start my travel in australia. I'm a fast learner, resilient, always ready for something new and in a very good condition to do hard works. In Germany I'm working as a sales and marketing manager but would be interested in doing something else. When I was a teen, I've also helped my grandparents and neighbours with their Farmwork. I'm experienced in driving a tractor, seed painting and harvesting. Moreover I've helped to set up some small festivals in my hometown and also did some intensive works as waiter at the famous octoberfest. I own a international driving license, a RSA Certificate and a 417 Working Holiday Visa until 17.07.2020. I can send you my Resume if interested. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to meet you. Best Max

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