Workhard strong man looking for fram jobs

Resume – Tasmania – Kingston

  • State:
  • Tasmania
  • City
  • Kingston
  • Alex
  • Phone:
  • 416500906
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Workhard strong man looking for fram jobs

Dear HR manger my name is Alex, I had already been to australia for 3 years,currently i hold a 500 Study Dependent Visa (full time working permit),Before i came to hobart i had been worked in melbourne for 2 years , this march my wife and i moved to horbat to have a further study and plan to living in tasmania in future, so i extremely need take a job to feed ourselves in horbat, as an international student we always work hard and have a great willing to study, i own a car can go to anywhere we need, i have a great willingness to work in farming field, can work 7 days at flexable time, if there is any chance please let me know, i will do my best and always be grateful. Best regards, thank you! Alex 0416500906

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