Agronomy Engineer

Resume – Queensland – Warwick

  • State:
  • Queensland
  • City
  • Warwick
  • Dairy GarcĂ­a
  • Phone:
  • +53(0)53111962
  • Email:

Agronomy Engineer

I would like to apply for a Farm Assistant job. I am an Agronomy Engineer, with a good academic record. I am 24 years, and I have experience in the dairy sector in my country. I have worked in the Managuaco Livestock Business on my University Practices as a student, and now, I teach some subjects about working with animals and pastures and forages. I am keen and fast learning, and I like to participate actively in all the farm work. I have knowledge about detecting diseases and weeds control, also about forage balances and making grass silage.

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