French Backpacker looking for any kind of job

Resume – Queensland – Brisbane

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  • Queensland
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  • Brisbane
  • pierre-emmanuel pacchiodo
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  • 0473431222
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French Backpacker looking for any kind of job

Hello Mr, My name is Pierre-Emmanuel PACCHIODO, I come from Lyon in France (you may know my city thanks to the Lou rugby team which has several Australian players in its team), I arrived in Australia 1 months in order to join my friend Sarah PERGAUD who has been here for 5 months. We are both looking for a job to complete our 88 days necessary for our VWH visa Availability: from February 8 Duration: 3 months or more Working time: as required We are both very motivated to work on your farm. We are conscientious, respectful and sociable and I am sure that we will be able to help you in the good development of your farm. For my part, I am familiar with the farming environment where I grew up near a cattle and agricultural farm. As for Sarah, she worked for 1.5 months on an apple and pear farm (Masalki) and quickly adapted to a new environment. I hope you will respond positively to our application. Sincerely, Pierre-Emmanuel and Sarah.

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