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I am Karina Morocho, I am from Ecuador, I am an Engineer in Foreign Trade, I am 31 years old; I speak Spanish, basic English, and Quichua is my first native language of Ecuador. We have a family farm in Ecuador, I like to travel, meet new cultures. I worked in California, I learned about organic farming where I milked cows, collected eggs, prepared preserves, maintenance on irrigation for grass, fed and looked after chickens, sheep, ducks. I also know about planting, olive crops, oranges and more fruit trees. I had been living Adelaide since 3 month,I am studying english and I work at Jon OConnor racing since 3 month in Adelaide,I am looking for a job at the Farm, I would like live in countryside, I like working in the fields, and I have experience caring for animals and agriculture. I would like to learn farming techniques ,new skills and live with locals. Bless¡¡¡

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